Driving Australian Tech Innovation: ICA’s Collaboration with Southern Green Gas

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In the fight against climate change, Southern Green Gas (SGG) stood out for its innovative approach, using direct air capture technology to combat CO2 in the atmosphere. When SGG contacted Small and Mighty Group, the Industry Commercialisation Agency (ICA) was eager to lend support and help them on their journey towards a solution to achieve net zero.

“Tackling climate change demands bold innovation, and Southern Green Gas embodies that spirit. We’re thrilled to join forces with SGG, knowing their direct air capture technology could truly make a difference. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to support ventures like SGG, where every step forward brings us closer to a greener future,” said Tara James, CEO of ICA.

Key Objectives and Challenges

SGG, equipped with funding from Elon Musk’s Xprize and a team of scientists from Sydney University, sought our expertise in commercialisation, developing a robust online presence, crafting compelling messaging, and attracting investments.

However, communicating the novelty of their solution amidst climate change scepticism posed a significant challenge. Additionally, maximising available investments and clearly explaining the transformative potential of SGG’s technology to the public required expert navigation.

Strategies and Services Provided

Taking a comprehensive approach to increasing SGG’s visibility and creating investor interest, ICA handled everything from strategy and planning to designing and managing crowdfunding campaigns on Birchal. This included running both organic and paid social media campaigns, ensuring a broad and effective reach.

The process began by establishing SGG’s brand identity and messaging. Following this, ICA created a website to effectively tell SGG’s story and build a social licence to operate. Next, we crafted SGG’s profile on Birchal, ran effective social media ads, and closely monitored interactions. We also generated leads, set up investor pages, and created engaging investor videos.

Our team sent out targeted emails, prepared investment documents, and organised online investor meetings and webinars. Plus, press releases were pitched to boost SGG’s visibility.

Furthermore, ICA helped SGG massively adapt and reposition its external communication messages to connect with the public, helping them understand the positive impact SGG is making and how they could join the journey.

Leveraging our diverse team of experts in commercialisation, marketing, business development, press, and organisational psychology, we crafted strategic initiatives and campaigns. Our in-house journalists secured impactful media coverage, further amplifying SGG’s’ reach and impact.

Our project team maintained seamless communication throughout, facilitated by our dedicated lead. This ensured timely information flow between Birchal, ICA, and SGG, allowing SGG’s management to focus on core business operations. ICA efficiently managed and coordinated all other aspects of the project, streamlining the process for maximum efficiency.

Milestones and Achievements

The collaboration bore fruit with notable achievements, including coverage in prestigious publications like the Australia Financial Review and ABC News.

The campaign attracted major investors, such as former Australian Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel AC, and received NSW Government’s Environmental Trust $1 million grant for sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

Notably, the campaign achieved an impressive conversion rate from expression of interest (EOI) to investment, way higher than anything Birchal had seen before. Over 12 weeks, $341,667 was raised from 167 investors, with the largest investment being $100,000. After the campaign, Dr Finkel, alongside business partner Daved Lambert, invested $1.5 million in SGG equity and pledged ongoing policy and technical advice to the company.

Unforeseen Benefits and Insights

Beyond tangible outcomes, ICA’s instrumental contribution was acknowledged by SGG through a prestigious award, cementing an enduring partnership. The collaboration extended beyond the campaign, culminating in enriching experiences such as a visit to Iceland’s pioneering carbon capture facility, Climeworks, unveiling new horizons for both parties.

Lessons Learned and Future Prospects

The partnership with SGG provided invaluable insights into navigating diverse markets amidst evolving public opinions. Looking ahead, ICA is primed to leverage these learnings to create impactful collaborations and drive sustainable innovation for other companies. Moreover, SGG’s testament to ICA’s role highlights the potential for continued collaboration, potentially extending to further initiatives.

Key Takeaway

The collaboration between the Industry Commercialisation Agency and Southern Green Gas stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in fostering commercialisation, innovation and sustainability. Through meticulous planning, unwavering dedication, and innovative strategies, ICA propelled SGG towards realising its vision of combating climate change.

As both entities look towards the future, the bond created through this journey paves the way for continued collaboration and collective progress towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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