Digital strategy & social media campaign to increase customer acquisition

The challenge

The company was in its fifth year of business, a disruptor in finance and superannuation services. After experience a period of rapid growth and internal changes, they needed to move to the next stage of customer acquisition growth.

What we did

Tara James, Small & Mighty's marketing strategist, joined the client’s team for a period of 7 months, working remotely. The focus was on increasing social media engagement and running sophisticated social media ad campaigns to drive conversions.

After a full audit of the company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram accounts Tara ensured data integrations were working to capture results. She proceeded to manage, end-to-end, the creation of content calendars, organic paid post content, creative, social videos, ad campaigns and reporting.

To improve alignment of messaging, Tara also stepped up to take on the management of organic (non-paid) social media for two brands (total of 7 social accounts), regularly publishing content that aligned with the agreed strategic direction.

Collaboration with the team ensured the best possible results for the business.


The results

  • Over 2 million people were reached through social media ads with an objective of increasing brand awareness (7.4 million impressions)

  • 1.2% conversion rate (0.5%-0.99% is average)

  • Increased organic post engagement

  • A new social media strategy with professional and consistent messaging and design

Thank you so much for your input Tara. To risk sounding cliche, your perspective and experience is really valuable to our team.
— Head of Membership Acquisition

Change management and HR project to move manufacturing plant to Asia

The challenge

An international manufacturer of luxury goods was moving most of its production to Asia. They needed help to educate the employees at the new site, re-educate current employees in the country to new roles and help the employees leaving the company into a new work life.

As part of this big change management project, they also wished to give their mid-level leaders a greater knowledge of psychological personality types so they could better lead and motivate employees. We had to find the right tool for this company to perform personal, team and 360 analysis, conduct the tests and provide feedback.

What we did

Torben Soelvsteen worked with the company for a just over a year at their site locally and in Asia. Facilitating the change process with management, employees, unions and different educational providers.

At the new site, he assessed the skills needed and helped pick and train trainers. This included those both the new and old production site giving so they had the skills needed to educate the new employees in Asia.

product kitchenware.png

Torben conducted leadership coaching and training to help the new management on its way at the new plant and to develop management at the old site.

At the old factory, he helped retrain staff and did DISC profiles and team profiles. He provided feedback on these and had coaching talks with the employees who were staying at the original site. After conducting the profile analysis Torben provided council to redundant employees and helped them progress to their next employer by assisting them with their resumes, finding new careers, educations and jobs.

Torben conducted DISC profiles and 360 analysis with the leadership group and held courses in understanding, motivating and leading with a focus on different personality types.

The project overall helped revitalise the LEAN thinking and understanding.

change management.png

The results

  • The company moved production from Denmark to Asia and became profitable 25% quicker than expected.

  • Production became more LEAN and efficient and had less product and human error faults than expected.

  • The employees and leaders who stayed at the existing plant became more efficient and satisfied with their work.

Torben has much experience in international business. He is competent, knowledgeable and understands how to get the best outcomes for organisations while being a strong leader among staff. He comes with my highest recommendation.
— Daniel Spencer, International Trade Professional (Danish & Irish Government)

Exceeded sales budgets for 6 years in a row through staff education and training

The challenge

A national company who is part of an international optician chain wanted to attract and keep both customers and employees and become the employer of choice in the category.  The end goal was to improve the overall customer experiences and increase sales.

What we did

Torben Soelvsteen worked with the company in-house reporting directly to the CEO, working alongside the directors and over 200 retail store managers.

He started off by looking at the company’s current situation, completing competitor analysis and reviewing market trends around the world.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 4.10.17 pm.png

The customer journey and employee journey from attraction, recruitment to education was a high focus. Torben collaboratively created a new customer journey process focusing on excellent service and what created value for the customers. Through this new journey, the company created experiences and value for its customers where it showed its knowledge in the optician field combined with its high focus on its customers creating more return customers and prevent churn.

The new focus was on the customer with a more holistic view thinking customer needs, value and experience together with glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses.

After creating this he helped to roll this customer journey out and educate store managers and employees across the country.

Alongside this, he helped the company create a whole new staff education and training program together with their HR department. The new program included an introduction day for new interns, an on-boarding process, sales and service training, product knowledge and ‘storytelling’ as well as a whole new leadership education program for the store managers.

In the beginning, Torben ran the courses and educated the internal trainers. Following this the training programs were adopted internally and run by the relevant company departments in person, or as web-based learning.


The results

  • The company became the country's market-leading optician chain and exceeded its sales budget for 6 years in a row.

  • It became the employer of choice in its field attracting the best and brightest recruits, making them able to recruit +80 % of is talent and leaders from inside the company.

  • The new education and training program meant they scored higher in workplace satisfaction surveys and were able to retain employees for longer.

Torben is a professional business leader with a clear vision of driving profitable revenue growth within organisations. He understands that a sustainable business model starts with excellence in customer service and product presentation.
— Tony Ward, former Head of Retail Performance

Creation of a nationally recognised retail degree funded by the EU

The challenge

Several companies including The Body Shop, Peugeot and Toys R Us within the retail industry expressed the need for better staff education and the ability to attract quality recruits. This they believed would improve their ability to compete on an international level.  

Many companies who are based in Denmark develop their own training and education programs. The issue was training recognition did not transfer to other companies or industries or were approved as a tertiary level education qualification.

The inability to offer recognised training programs made it hard to attract great employees and recruit to and across the retail industry. We also recognised there was a lack of knowledge across the industry including the areas of leadership, finance and general business skills.

Best practices and learnings from the national and international retail industry were not shared or incorporated into a common education program. This created a less competitive internationally industry.

What we did

As a consultants working with and representing multiple major retail companies, Torben and his team contacted the possible project sponsors. We secured a deal with the national chamber of commerce and two university business schools.

We set up a stakeholder group involving people from 20 of the biggest retail and FMCG chains in Denmark to get their input to create and agree upon a course overview.

Following this, we applied for and secured funding from the European Union and to develop and run a Bachelor of Commerce level education for 2 years.

Given Torben’s experience as a teacher and lecturer and working in the retail industry, he worked with stakeholders to create the course content for group approval.

Proud and successful graduate, Jesper Paarup Bilcher.

Proud and successful graduate, Jesper Paarup Bilcher.

When Jesper embarked on the retail academy education he was a store manager. Eighteen months later, he was promoted to a district manager with responsibility for more than 200 employees in the DIY retail chain. This big step up the career ladder he attributes to the completion of this degree in commerce.
— Jesper Paarup Blicher, District Manager, JEM & FIX

Torben and the team developed content for these areas of study:

  • Concepts and concept management

  • Technological development

  • Personal development

  • Situational leadership

  • Sales Management

  • Resource and storage management

  • Finance management

  • Store analysis and optimisation of operations

  • Attracting, hiring, retaining, developing and retrenchment of employees.

The new education program was approved by the national education department and recognised as a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Retail. Previously, only majors in Leadership and Human Resource were available.

The education consists of 6 modules, intended to be completed over a 3-year period. The degree is now recognised all across Europe (part of the European Credit Transfer System).

Once the degree was developed, we undertook the task of selling it to companies within the retail and FMCG industry. The target participants included store managers, franchisees, department heads and warehouse managers.


The results

  • The Degree in Commerce (Retail) delivered by Kea Business Academy in Denmark was the first education with European Union funding that was able to fully self-funding and sustainable itself after only one year.

  • Two different companies, one in the hardware industry and one in fast-food, have measured the effects of their store managers participating in this education and found that store managers who have participated in this education have a better bottom line and a smaller turnover of staff compared to no participants.  

  • The education program has now existed for 8 years and companies including McDonald's choose to use and offer this course to employees every year.

  • An external research company measured the effects of the education program and reported a higher level of students recalled the acquired knowledge one year after completion.

The retail academy education and its results are innovative and has developed new educational offerings for the industry. Torben and his team recognised the structure and organisation of the industry and developed training offerings delivered above and beyond the existing vocational training modules.
— Gorm Johansen, Danish Chamber of Commerce

Market growth using social media, PR and SEM strategies

The challenge

The client was a large not-for-profit organisation widely known for creating and delivering education programs to primary and secondary schools across Australia. The company had a particularly strong market share in Queensland and the Northern Territory remote communities. The challenge was to grow brand awareness and product adoption in mainstream schools across all states and territories.

What we did

Small & Mighty's marketing strategist, Tara James, worked in-house with the client over a period of 3-months. Regular meetings were held with the CEO, and by working with internal stakeholders target markets, new opportunities and ways to attract business were identified. The outcome was a complete refresh of corporate and the CEO's social media channels with a clear PR and marketing strategy on how to meet the client's objectives.

Leading the strategy creation and implementation, Tara teamed up with other businesses in the Small & Mighty network including a web developer, designer and AdWords specialist to rollout activities. Together they delivered a high-functioning web landing page with ecommerce integration and a targeted social media and SEM campaign to generate new business leads. Over the campaign period, a combination of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google AdWord advertising strategies were used including building look-alike audiences based on existing organisational data.


The result

The results spoke for itself. Over the 4-week campaign period visits to the website dramatically increased and a high number of leads were generated for the business development team.

  • 87% new website visitors

  • 90.6% of website sessions came from the advertising campaign

  • 716 new digital newsletter signups

  • Average cost per click $0.76

Thanks very much Tara for your work to date. We appreciate all you have done to grow our business during a period of organisational change.

Established Australia's premier wellbeing destination

The challenge

Victoria’s abundance of natural beauty and breathtaking man-made attractions have allowed the state’s tourism economy to flourish. Tourism, however, is a competitive industry, and it relies on the strength of independent operators.

With a plan to invigorate the Daylesford and Macedon Ranges region, the Victorian government invested $7.2 million into the tourism economy. It handed the reigns to Tourism Victoria and the Daylesford and Macedon Ranges Regional Tourism Board, along with the responsibility of creating Australia’s premier spa and wellbeing destination.

How we achieved this

Lead by Tara James, the team’s highly strategic, regional destination marketing campaign involved collaboration with state and local government, tourism organisations and associations, private investors, and a board of industry representatives. The project was complex, requiring cooperative advertising campaigns, ongoing market research, and a diligently crafted marketing and communications plan.

The results

The campaign was awarded as part of Tourism Victoria’s Jigsaw Campaign, and was celebrated nationally—but the proof was in the pudding. Annual domestic overnight visitors to the region increased by 3.6%, overnight stays increased by 6.6% and daytrip visitors also increased by 3.3%.


Leads generation and growth for new business

The challenge

The owner of PRT Industries was in the early years of growing a new business.  He was experiencing what many startups and business go through - long hours, big days and little time to focus on marketing and growing business. To add to mix, the business was operating under a name that did not represent the company well, with two websites that weren't generating sales leads. PRT (formally RSW Belting Supplies) was keen to focus on business operations and needed someone they could rely on to help take the business to the next stage of growth.

What we did

We needed to strike the right balance - provide good quality, high performing results and keep costs to an affordable level while sales grew. The solution was to deliver projects in stages and do what SMG does great, connect with partner suppliers to negotiate excellent rates for the client.

The first thing was to address was the business's brand identity. We ran a workshop to delve into what made the company unique, growth opportunities, branding, identification of new customer groups and more. The outcome was three-fold: a marketing strategy, a new business name and brand and a high performing new website, built with SEO principles and Google Search in mind.

The combination of these activities led to the launch of PRT Industries. Brisbane based provider of 'upcycled and original supplies for durable solutions'.


Initially targeting a narrow market, the PRT brand now aligns with the owner's beliefs and values: recycling and reusing products to support a sustainable community. 

Within the first month of launching the new website, the client also reported an increase in sales inquiries from Google search to the new website.

Small & Mighty provided excellent service at all times, with results beginning to show within days of the revisions and improvements being made.
— Vince Powell, PRT Industries

Social digital platform to connect industry

The challenge

In 2017, the Vuable brand joined QMI Solutions' string of successful new products over their 25-year-long history. Leaders in industry technology, QMI has introduced a number of ground-breaking products to Queensland including 3D printing, water-jet cutting, laser sintering, sheet forming, lean manufacturing, and supply chain management software.

The concept of Vuable was to provide a video-based networking platform for businesses across all industries to showcase their capabilities and expertise to attract investment and new business.

QMI did not have an internal marketing and communications team, but recognised they needed in-house assistance to grow Vuable into a commercially viable product.


What was delivered

  • Market research report
  • Brand positioning strategy
  • Strategic marketing plan
  • New website
  • Social media campaign
  • Email marketing campaign
  • A single point of contact
  • Specialised experts
Small & Mighty was pivotal to our product launch. Our fantastic new website and social media accounts position us for future success.
— Norm McGillivray, QMI Solutions Limited