Partner with us to get the right solution for your business. We handpick our team of professionals and specialists to deliver the best outcome for our clients, specialising in the below 6 service areas.

Customer journey mapping


Business, Sales and Marketing
Strategy is embedded in our work. Our actions and advice are considered, thoughtful, and thorough. We take a slightly different approach to strategic planning. Our strategies are built with the business focus you are looking for—be it attracting new sales, or growing customer advocacy. We know from experience that the most important part of creating a strategy is bringing it to life.

Website development


Development and Design
The IT industry has many different areas of expertise, and one specialist may be good for one job or project, but not another.

We source and negotiate the best deals to present you our recommended team of experts to suit your project requirements and budget. Small and Mighty is your single point of contact to make sure your opinions, views, and requests are heard and put into action.

training sq.png

Training, Courses & Workshops

Leadership, management and sales development
The Scandinavian leadership approach develops responsibility and accountability. It also stimulates collaboration, innovation, and creativity, which creates an empowering and enabling environment.

We consider a combination of traditional and progressive approaches to choosing an adaptation that will suit your staff and business needs.

Social media campaigns

Digital Marketing

Social media, email marketing and web optimisation
Our digital age demands data-driven, human-centric strategies that connect brands with people in exciting new ways. Successfully integrating your digital marketing channels drives business and brand awareness and is key to creating an exceptional customer experience.

We work to source and provide valuable, actionable insights from digital marketing data. Using the latest technologies and tools we spot the unseen opportunities that drive brands forward.

Workplace software integration

Project Management

IT, marketing, software and change management.
In-house or remote delivery, our experts lead and manage projects including custom IT integrations, new product and brand development software solutions, websites, CRMs, email marketing solutions and more.



Graphic design and branding
Modern and creative design is a thread that is woven throughout all our work. We know that visual communications play an important role in business, so we source the best creative talent to suit the job at hand.


Engage an independent expert

Hire an experienced and knowledgeable expert to join your team on a short or long-term project or contract basis. We offer rich and diverse experience from multiple industries across Australia, Europe and Asia.

As a consultant or acting-manager of your team, we offer in-house consulting (nationwide) or the option to work remotely to deliver your projects. Our rate are negotiable on an hourly, daily or project basis.