How Our Hand-picked Approach Resulted in Success for Specsavers Northern Europe

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One of the things that clients value about working with Small and Mighty is our diverse skill set and flexibility that enables us to continuously evolve and adapt the scope of our work to meet our client’s needs, when they need it with the skills they need. Like a Swiss army knife, we unfold exactly what they need instead of just offering who is available at any given time.  

This was the case with Specsavers Northern Europe, where we were asked to develop a sales and customer service education for their internal learning platform for all staff. Our training materials spanned an impressive 473 stores across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and The Netherlands.

With extensive experience in sales, leadership development and training, Torben Soelvsteen, Small and Mighty COO, was the obvious best choice for project and content lead. In combination with over a decade of experience in retail and organisational psychology, Torben was able to tease out the fundamental requirements of Specsavers Northern Europe and their store’s needs. The final product ended up being 12 modules following the customer’s journey from start to end, containing written and video content with downloadable materials to use directly in the stores. 

What started as a short-term project with Specsavers evolved organically into a long-standing partnership. In addition to the above modules, we have also successfully created: 

  • Partner (franchisee) Development training in three identified key business areas: Customer loyalty, Impacting brand and Leading commercially as one of 3 international selected subject matter experts.
  • Training materials for a special focus campaign on Sunglasses. 
  • Training materials and workshops for the Instore Trainers in Norway on needs assessment and more.
  • A half year train the trainer Mentor course for selected mentors in Northern Europe with 6 online F2F sessions, in between tasks, and feedback.

What Specsavers highly value is the 1:1 relationship with Torben through the whole process, combined with his insights in the optician industry and retail – all while the Small and Mighty team of dedicated skilled specialists work behind the scenes to deliver this comprehensive and targeted branded training as a one stop solution.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve discovered that when there’s one point of contact, we get to know our client’s business intimately and treat it like our own. Working in this way demonstrates results that speak for themselves. This, combined with constantly picking from our diverse skill set to suit what the client needs when they need it is a winning formula. Who says you can’t be based in Australia and work tightly with Europe?!

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