Cut-through retail brand positioning strategy

The challenge

The organisations brand portfolio included Rola, Hayman Reese and Thetford and provided of market-leading automotive and leisure products. The retail supply-chain involved countries including China, the Netherlands, Thailand, the United States and Australia. In the midst of a supplier price war, the challenge was to influence and convince consumers to purchase high-end, premium-priced consumer goods.


The result

Brand and customer-focused, Tara James, worked with the product development and innovation team in Australia and offshore. She completed in-depth sales and market research to form the basis of a new brand positioning and campaign strategy.

The delivery of the marketing campaign involved working with major retailers including BCF, Repco, Rays Outdoors to roll out new in-store visual merchandising, promotions and product releases. Over the campaign period, sales increased significantly and, she successfully established a new market for a previously failing product line.